In this article, we explain what is the Primary IBM AIX SysAdmin Activities, this article will help you to clear AIX System Admin Interview.

Monitoring Tools:

Nagios/Zabbix/Manual Bash Scripts which is automated for monitoring complete server.

Manual check commands for IBM AIX:

  • $ vmstat: Run queue, virtual memory statics, paging CPU
  • $ iostat: monitor system input/output (I/O) devices (physical and logical) that are mounted.
  • $ netstat: To monitor network staticsIBM AIX SysAdmin Activities
  • $ ps: statistics and status information about processes
  • $ nmon: show local system statistics in interactive mode and records system statistics in recording mode
  • $ topas: shows pid, nice value, user, ppid, cmd, CPU use, memory use, time.

IBM AIX Health Checkup:

  • H/W Check – $ prtconf
    • Display output with System info / Server info / N/W info / Paging Space / Memory / I/O.
  • System Uptime – $uptime
    • Shows when the system is started, update every 1, 5, 15 min intervals and which user are login.
  • Load Average
  • Power Backup Failure

IBM AIX Troubleshooting:

  • Checking Tickets on Portal / on mails.

    • FileSystem Related like no space in “ /, var, usr, opt” FS, FS corrupt, FS creation and mount.
    • Disk related like extending disk in VG, extending LV, Assigning Luns for Database User etc.
    • Networking related activity like Network Slowdown, ether channel issue etc…
    • User and Group Administration task like password failure, user creation, password assigning [this activity can be done by sudo user/admin user (maximum time begin admin user)] or rarely via root user.
    • Remote session Issues
    • Check cron jobs executed successfully.
    • Pseudo user credential activity (Optional)
    • IBM Call log for H/W failure (Optional)
    • Backup: Daily/Weekly/Monthly backups – (Incremental/Differential/Full backups)
    • NFS and CIFS FileSystem mounting and creating
  • Diagnostics Issue

    • Disk Failure Issue (disk will start blinking with red light).
    • Network Cabling Issue
  • Project Planning

    • TL Upgrade (rarely done activity) – Planning & Implementation of Upgrade activity
    • SP Upgrade (rarely done activity) – Planning & Implementation of Upgrade Activity
    • Firmware or HMC upgrade(Optional)
    • VIOS Upgrade.
    • Memory and CPU Increase
  • System Reboot Issue/System Crash (Call log to IBM)

This is the IBM AIX SysAdmin Activities and is prepared with commands and example for the interview.



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