Compare Elastic Stack vs Splunk for Big Data Analysis

In this Blog, we will Compare Elastic Stack vs Splunk for Big Data Analysis. Let’s see the use of Elastic Stack for Big Data.

How can we use the Elastic stack for big data analysis?

Elasticsearch provides us a plugin called ES-Hadoop, it takes the data from Hadoop Database and sends it to Elasticsearch.

Connect the massive data storage and deep processing power of Hadoop with the real-time search and analytics of Elasticsearch.

ES-Hadoop lets you index Hadoop data into the Elastic Stack to take full advantage of the speedy Elasticsearch engine and beautiful Kibana visualizations.

Compare Elastic Stack vs Splunk for Big Data Analysis

Compare Elastic Stack vs Splunk

Both Splunk and ElasticStack are the biggest enterprise solution approach in log analytics market. Splunk release in 2003 and Elasticstack release in 2010.

Splunk offers the commercial solutions with 15 Days trial, However, the ELK is free an OpenSource. Both are using the basic principle of log analysis like shipping the real data to a tool for analysis. We can see the google trends it is getting popular.

Compare Elastic Stack vs Splunk for Big Data Analysis

What is Splunk?

It is a company and they have the product by same name Splunk Enterprise, they offer Splunk light and also they offer cloud option.

Splunk Captures and indexes real-time data in a searchable repository from which you can generate graphs, reports, alerts, Dashboards and other visualizations.

Among the type of machine data, Splunk can analyze or application logs, filesystem Audit Logs, SCADA data, and web access logs.

According to Splunk they can take any machine data and make a search log.

How to Configure Splunk:

  • Click on the Add Data
    • Select how you want to add the data
  • Select the source of your data
  • Set the source type
    • Keep recommended settings
    • Manually choose the type
  • Change various input settings depending on log type
  • Review settings
  • Search!

How much Elasticsearch Pricing/Cost to you?Compare Elastic Stack vs Splunk for Big Data Analysis

  • It is FREE
  • Little difficulties for configuration
  • Full Support available – Subscription available
  • Security – Shield(Xpack)

How much Splunk Pricing/Cost to you?

  • Cost increases as your total data indexed per day increases.
  • Splunk>light starting at $75/month
  • Splunk>enterprise starting at $1800/year for 1GB of data per day indexing
    • Cost can be upwards of $150,000 if your index is 100GB/day
      • NOTE: This doesn’t count for the cost of storing the data
    • HUNK
      • Starting at $30,000

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