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Scalability and Costs in the Cloud

In this knowledge portal, we will go get scalability and costs in the cloud, many of the things we are discussing here are applicable to any provider, not just AWS.

  • Think “rent rather than “buy”
  • Think “buy” rather than “build”
  • Think “Op Ex” (operating expense) rather than “Cap-Ex” (capital expenditure)
  • Instant access to low-cost global infrastructure
  • Biggest benefits are you are able to automatically grow and shrink your services with demand

Let’s look these items in brief:

Think “rent” rather than “buy”

  • Rent rather than buy your software and hardware, you are only using what you need and when you needed, without purchasing the hardware/software.
  • You no longer “own” anything
  • Let’s look at non-cloud and cloud module
    • In the non-cloud module, you would sometimes have to buy really mountain of servers, you even have to buy 10-20% of extra servers and software licenses to that company growth you expect.
    • You have to hire professional IT folks you may are may not know what they are doing, in combination it may add o risk, cost, and distraction to your business
  • Now let’s look at cloud module:
    • The Cloud maps business needs such as Servers, Load Balancer, Database, and Storage… most of all we needed now, we may not know how fast we are growing and we don’t have to think about

Think “buy” rather than “build:

  • You rent a virtual server and install the database on top of it. Many service provider they self-give you access to the database (DaaS) which is better to use.
  • If a service exists at your provider and you can deal with the limitations, use it rather than building your own.
  • Will be (often dramatically) lower cost and better performance to use the service
  • Queues, Load Balancers, Managed Databases, Firewalls, etc.

Think “Op Ex” rather than “Cap-Ex”

  • You’ll have variable monthly costs rather than yearly budgets
  • The Organizational change can be more challenging than the technical
  • Extrapolate first month’s cost to get an overall yearly budget picture

Instant access to low-cost global infrastructure:

  • Amazon, for example, is able to give great pricing and they buy a huge amount of servers
  • Automatic access to new infrastructure, for example, AWS adds Sydney region customer start using immediately this also add amazon service and features without having to spend any development cost, you just start using and pay what you use.
  • Infinite ScaleScalability and Costs in the Cloud
  • Automatic access to new services and new features

Automatically grow and shrink your services with demand

  • Auto-scaled example as follows:

This is about scalability and Costs in the cloud.

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