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What is AWS Elastic File System and Features

In this article, you will come to know about what is AWS elastic file system and features in detail. A lot of application required shared file storage that can be accessed by multiple computers at the same time, but if we try to build storage system it takes time and it is very expensive and once you set up and deploy and operational you have to do complex maintenance and backup operations to make sure it is performing well and your data is secure. The better way is to look for some cloud service which provides all option and features with better security and many more features.

In this topic we are going to cover what is AWS elastic file system and features, EFS is a shared file system for use with Amazon EC2. An application running on multiple EC2 instances can access your file system at the same time and it uses NFSv4 file access protocol.

Once your EFS is created, EC2 in AWS VPC can mount the filesystem and begin storing data in EFS. EFS automatically manage our infrastructure and scale capacity up or down depending on the usage and thus reduces the time for administration task with no minimum fee or setup cost. EFS is designed to be durable and highly available and automatically replicate our data on multiple availability zones in a region.

Security: You can control who can access data you file system and their content, Amazon VPC security group, and network access control list (ACL) allows you to manage network access to EFS file system At file and directory level EFS support user and group read, write and execute permission. EFS is integrated with AWS identity Access management (IAM) to control access on EFS administrator API.

What is AWS EFS Features

  • Low per-Operation Latency
  • High Throughput (Default Data Throughput and I/O of 3GB )
  • Durable – Data redundantly stored across multiple availability zones (Data stored stays in the region and Replicas are made within the region)
  • Allows concurrent access. EFS provides a common data source for workloads and applications running on more than one Amazon EC2 Instance
  • Accessible via several EC2 machines and AWS services (Can be accessed by 1 to 1000s of EC2 instances from multiple AZs, concurrently)
  • Web and file system interface
  • It is Object storage
  • Auto Scalable (No limitation on the size of the file system)
  • Faster than S3, slower than EBS
  • Supports up to 7000 file system operations per second
  • Single files have a maximum size of 52TiB
  • EFS Access control can be done at Security groups, User-based authentication, IAM

Now you came to know about what is AWS elastic file system and features.

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