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Cloud Impacts on Architecture

In this blog, we are going to look at cloud impacts on Architecture, first and most important things are listed below:Cloud Impacts on Architecture

  • Leverage Services wisely
  • Modularize heavily
  • Know (and embrace) your limits
  • Take advantage of HA / DR
  • Rinse, Repeat

Let’s look at this item one by one:

  • Leverage Services wisely:

    • Know what services exist and where to use each
    • Try to buy rather than build
    • Know the costs associated with each service
      • Example s3 has both bandwidth and storage cost, If you storage bunch of information and don’t access frequently then storage cost will be high than bandwidth cost and if you storage little bit and access lot then you will cost higher for bandwidth and lower for storage.
    • Minimize your use of always-on EC2 instances
  • Modularize heavily

    • Design each piece as a black box and use provided service wherever possible
      • Pre-Cloud: Have one server where you install RabbitMQ, and email server, a web server, and/or a database
      • Cloud (AWS): Leverage SQS, SES, ELB, RDS
  • Know (and embrace) your limits

    • Become intimately familiar with every service you plan to use, and know your upper limits.
      • Example: RDS has a maximum database size of 16TB
      • Example: S3 has a maximum objects size of 5TB
    • Stay updated with new services / new features of existing services
      • Example: until Q1 2013, RDS had a maximum limit of 1TB/database
      • Example: Glacier is now a better way to store archived data
  • Take advantage of HA / DR

    • The Cloud gives you a lot of flexibilities with regards High Availabilities and Disaster Recovery.
    • Study and deploy best practices
      • Example: S3 for static content (Images, CSS, JavaScript, HTML)
      • Example: Multi-AZ deployments to allow your sites to remain up even if one whole AZ goes down.
  • Rinse, Repeat

    • “The Cloud” changes all the time
    • Refer to “Staying on top of AWS Services” lesson

This is been cloud impacts on Architecture

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