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SysAdminXpert is a technical tutorial blog for all kind of Linux, AWS, Database stuff, I spend a lot of time and put efforts on creating articles which are easy to understand for all our readers. We started this blog, in 2017 and now it is growing fast. Writing technical blog takes more time – I do POC on laptop/server and then I post the content on sysadminxpert.

SysAdminXpert.com blog is very useful to those who want to learn new technical stuff related to Linux, Cloud Services, database, DevOps, OpenSource Tools and best practices. Recently I also started writing a blog on a known issue and solution to the error in easy steps.

SysAdminXpert is a non-profit website that generates income by advertising only.

Where we use this Income?
– This money is used for SysAdminXpert Web Hosting and Internet Connections
– Purchasing electronic devices/system/servers for POC’s and R&D

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