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What is Amazon EC2 Container Service and its features

What happens when you run your application on ECS

In this AWS tutorials, we discuss what is Amazon EC2 Container Service and its features.

AWS ECS is also known as EC2 container services.

  • High scalable, high-performance container management service that supports docker container and allows you to run the application on the managed cluster of EC2 instances.
  • It is invented in Nov 2014
  • Typically you do deploy your application on dedicated physical and virtual Hardware with more manual work. You can do these task with managed services that are ECS
  • Deploying your application in distributed and cluster environment comes with 2 key components
      1. Reliable state management
      2. Flexible Scheduling

What happens when you run your application on ECS?

When you run distributed application which is deployed as containers your cluster transferring into a dynamic environment, where user spin of a pool of computer resources on demand and dynamically change the resource available as their Job change over time.

AWS ECS Features

  • Easily manage clusters of any scale
  • Flexible containers placement
  • Different Az’s
  • Different Region
  • Integrates with other AWS Services
    Eg: ELB, Autoscale, and IAM …
  • Extensible Infrastructure Solution

List of AWS ECS Elements

  • The container is created with read-only templates called Image
  • Images are typically developed by Dockerfile a plain text file that specifies the entire component Included in a container
  • These Images are then stored in a registry from which they can be download and run on your containers instances
  • Task definition, to prepare your application to run on Amazon ECS you create a task definition, A task definition is a text file in a JSON format that describes one or more containers that form your application.
  • ECS Integrates with AutoScale features it is used to scale-up / out your containers instances within a cluster in response to some metrics.
  • AWS Security group, act as a virtual firewall that controls traffic for one or more instances.
  • ELB automatically distribute incoming traffic across multiple EC2 instances in the cloud.
  • EBS Volumes provides Block level storage volumes for use with EC2 instances
  • IAM Roles can be used to control access at the container instance level using IAM roles and at the task level using IAM task roles.

End of this AWS tutorials, which explained in detail what is Amazon EC2 Container Service and its features.

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