What makes the UNIX system so successful

In this article, we discuss what makes the UNIX system so successful? We can discern several reasons.

First, because it is written in C, it is portable – Unix system run on a range of computers from microprocessors to the largest mainframes; this is a strong commercial advantage.

Second, the source code is available and written in a high-level language, which makes the system easy to adapt to particular requirements.

Finally and most important, it is a good operating system, especially for programmers. The UNIX programming environment is unusually rich and productive.

What is “Unix”?

In narrowest sense, it is a time-sharing operating system. The kernel is a program that controls the resources of a computer and allocates them among its users.

  • It lets the user run their programs
  • It controls the peripheral devices (discs, terminals, printers and etc…) connected to the machine
  • It provides a file system that manages the long-term storage of information such as programs, data and

In a broader sense, “Unix” is often taken to include not only the kernel, but also essential programs like compilers, editors, and command language, programs for copying and printing files and so on.

Still more broadly, “Unix” may even include programs developed by you or other users to be run on your systems, such as tools for documents preparation, routines for statistical analysis and graphics package.

Finally, a word of advice: don’t be afraid to experiment. If you are a beginner, there are very few accidental things you can do hurt yourself or other users. To learn how things work by trying them.

hope you guys come to know what makes the UNIX system so successful?


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