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Linux System Admin Activities and Daily Job Responsibilities

If you are searching for Linux Job then check out Linux System Admin Activities and Daily Job Responsibilities.

Monitoring Tools:

Anyone tool must know – Nagios/Zabbix/Opmanager/ BMC tools/Bash Scripts which is automated for monitoring complete server.

Setup Linux OS Virtual/on-premises Server as per the requirement from Dev team.

  1. Set repository and Install packages and update to its stable version without losing any data.
  2. Create, Delete and modify user and groups
  3. Must be comfortable with CLI, and perform a major task using CLI.
  4. Manage file system permissions for users and groups and apply system policy.
  5. Must be aware of all system configuration file and keep a backup of it.
  6. File sharing for Windows and Linux ( samba, NFS )
  7. Should be able to work remotely without GUI and understating of SSH.
  8. Must have good knowledge of shell scripts, without shell scripting you can’t be a good system admin.
  9. Keep a record of changes and able to solve the problem quickly.

Troubleshoot memory issues, compile rpm and init scripts

Setting up the server for Application Team – So another team will work on it like DB, HA, Web team.

Tip: Keep everything backup as a system admin rule.

Known Issue for Linux System Admin:

Server Load Average is high
Memory Usage is High # top
Unable to Login to Server # ssh hostname/IP –vvv (check ssh in verbose)
Disk Space Full – # df -h
The network is dropped #check ping or cable disconnected

Manual check Commands:

#top (or) #htop

Tips: basic troubleshooting commands:

Install: sar package

To report on previously captured data – type:
# sar -u -f filename > file

View disk I/O and transfer rate stats:
# sar -b 1 10

View memory and swap space stats:
# sar -r 1 10

View swapping stats:
# sar -W 1 10

View network stats:
# sar -n DEV 3 10

View CPU stats:
# sar -P ALL 1 5

Collect disk load for that install sysstat

#yum install sysstat
#iostat -d -x 5

Health Checkup:

H/W Check –
# lshw (or) # lshw –short -> Print information about your Linux system hardware
# lscpu (or) # cat /proc/cpuinfo -> View Linux CPU Information
# lsblk -> Collect Linux Block Device
System Uptime – $uptime (Shows when the system is started, update every 1, 5, 15 min intervals and which user are login.)

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