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Month: March 2018

What is Unix FILE SYSTEM

In this blog, we will explain you ” What is Unix FILE SYSTEM ” and basic details of file and directory in Linux. Everything in the UNIX System is a file. That is less of an oversimplification than you might think. When the first version of the system was being designed, before it even had a name, the discussions focused on the structure of a file system that would be clean and easy to use. The file system us central to the success and convenience of the UNIX system. It is one of the best examples of the “keep...

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Getting Started with Unix

We assume you have some familiarity with computer terminals and how to use them, Getting Started with Unix. Some prerequisites about terminals and typing: The Unix system is full duplex: the characters you type on the keyboards are sent to the system, which sends them back the terminal to be printed on the screen. Normally, this echo process copies the characters directly to the screen, so you can see what you are typing, but sometimes, such as when you are typing a secret password, the echo is turned off so that characters do not appear on the screen. Commands...

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What makes the UNIX system so successful

In this article, we discuss what makes the UNIX system so successful? We can discern several reasons. First, because it is written in C, it is portable – Unix system run on a range of computers from microprocessors to the largest mainframes; this is a strong commercial advantage. Second, the source code is available and written in a high-level language, which makes the system easy to adapt to particular requirements. Finally and most important, it is a good operating system, especially for programmers. The UNIX programming environment is unusually rich and productive. What is “Unix”? In narrowest sense, it...

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