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Compare Alibaba Cloud ECS with Physical Server

In this blog, we will compare Alibaba cloud ECS with physical server. ECS is a product of AliCompare Alibaba Cloud ECS with Physical Serverbaba cloud, it is a computing service with flexible processing capacity.

Compare Alibaba Service with Physical Machine

  • ECS can easily deploy and manage than physical server
  • ECS is better stability and high efficiency than physical server
  • Lower IT costs than a physical

If you go with Physical Server then there will be more system admin work such as:

  • Purchases hardware and look for the Datacenter and do the setup.
  • Setup and configure VPN
  • Whenever you run some campaign or some change requirement then you need an upgrade or downgrade the box.
  • To manage and operate physical servers you need to Hire IT Professional operational engineers, Network Security equipment’s
  • This task and process are time-consuming and money, it can cause your application release delay

If you go with the ECS Cloud service and its Advantages

  • You need to register to Alibaba Cloud
  • By one click you can provision the server
  • You can easily operate and manage with a junior engineer
  • This also provides security features to protect from any thread attack

Why choose ECS rather than the physical server?

ECS Features and Options: Easily manage your servers (ECS) from Web Management Console, with few clicks you can do Fast provision and easy to configure and upgrade with few clicks from the Web Management Console.

As it provides Web Console to manage your ECS console, you can easily change server type such as CPU, memory, Network bandwidth to upgrade/downgrade your server in a few clicks.

No Operational needed – as you can do all maintenance from the console, just you need to select what type of maintenance you want to perform and everything is done completed online. This is how you can easily deploy and manage by using ECS Service.

Another reason to choose ECS instance is better stability and high efficiency.

  • If a server failure occurs in the physical server then there will be complete downtime and in ECS use virtualization cluster and it is available to migrate to another server automatically.
  • In disk failure occur in the physical server then there will be data loss if you have not taken backup and would not able to recover. ECS use distributed file system with three redundant of copies all data.
  • The physical server may also encounter power outage in the server room and Alibaba Cloud set ECS power redundancy backup
  • Physical server vulnerable to DDoS attacks and Alibaba Cloud provides basic DDoS protection by default at no cost.

Cost is significantly reduced if it is ECS instance then physical server:

Metrics ECS Physical / Traditional Server
Hardware Cost 8 core CPU, 24GB memory, IT hard disk cost: 3958$ per year 8 core CPU, 24GB memory, IT HDD procurement costs: 3000$
Cost per year: 3000$/5-600$ (Hardware is depreciated by five years)
Server room Covered by service provider Cost: 0$ 1U rack cost: 1200 $
Bandwidth 5M 157$ per year 5M  5×61$*12 = 3660$ per year
Operational Engineer Covered by service provider Cost: 0$ Assume a Jr. Engg salary 800$  and CPC 1000$ + project occupied 10% workload of an Engg: 1000$ x 12×10%=1200$
Total Cost ($) 4115$ per year 6660 $

This is just an overview and example taken for compare Alibaba Cloud ECS with physical server.

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