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What is the future and role of DBAs in Cloud Environment

In this blog, we will explain what is the future and role of DBAs in Cloud Environment.

This is the very common question most of the DBA i.e., what is the role of dba in the cloud as Oracle and other cloud service provide DaaS (Database as a Service). Cloud services reduce 60% of DBAs manual workload. In this case, what is the remaining 40% role of DBA in Cloud? Let’s discuss…What is the future and role of DBAs in Cloud Environment

List of DBAs Roles in Cloud:

  • Create a specification of database like how much CPU unit, memory/disk space unit or how much will be future – this task is still going to be in the cloud world, you will be deciding these things either you are cloud dba or dba.
  • On-premises DBA role is to install and configure database – you still have to do configure the database but the configuration steps are much more simple with few clicks
  • DBS’s used to start and stop the databases which are on-premises – you have to do the same thing on the cloud but there are new tools you need to learn. On Cloud, there are new ways to start and stop the databases (REST, DBaaSCLI, Service Console)
  • You still have to patch database when you are running as PaaS /DaaS with new tools
  • You still do backup and recovery by scheduling it with new tools and Oracle storage service (OSS)
  • Learn how to migrate the database to the cloud
  • Build Disaster Recovery (DR) for Cloud: DataGuard
  • You will be installing and configuring High Availability (HA) or Maximum Availability (MAA) using RAC
  • You still configuring OEM CC 13c: Hybrid Cloud Management

DBaaSCLI Cloud Tool in Oracle:What is the future and role of DBAs in Cloud Environment

  • Change sys user password
  • Rotate master key encryption for TDE
  • Switchover and failover: Oracle Data Guard (Standby)
  • Patch Database
  • Check and Configure Standby Database (DataGuard)
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) for Cloud: DataGuard
  • many more…

What is the future of DBAs in Cloud Environment?

Cloud providers will take on tasks associated with DBAs, whoever the role of DBAs will be an important one in the Cloud environment.

The Cloud will allow DBAs to move tactical position to the strategic roles, DBAs will more focus on tasks that add value to the business rather than performing maintenance tasks.

If you are worried about the role or there will be no DBA’s

The answer is no need to worry, you as a DBA still doing a lot of work on Cloud. It is just a tool which keeps on changing, you need to upgrade and learn new things as you move to Cloud. In other words, DBS’s Role will remain prominent but the nature of tasks will change, In short DBS’ role moved from tactical Infrastructure – Oriented tasks towards a more strategic role of advisor.

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