The ulimit is a mechanism for restrict the amount of various resources a process can consume. There’s a shell command to set the ulimit for processes which are started in that shell.
It will provide control over the resources a user or a process in a shell can use.  You can list the current setting of ulimit values by login as your user and type the following commands

# ulimit –Hn

# ulimit –Sn
Default values should be 4096 and 1024 respectively.
ulimit -Sv 500000     # Set ~500 mb limit
So it will also determine the number of open files a user can open or edit. For increasing the ulimit, you need to change those parameters in a configuration file called

vi /etc/security/limits.conf 
* hard nofile 50000  // we have mention to all user(*)

* soft nofile 50000 // we have mention to all user(*)