Is LVM implemented for any of the partitions, If yes, find out the following information

  1. Physical Volume –[PV]
    • Name of all physical volumes
    • Sizes of all physical volumes

Cmd: $ pvdisplay or $pvs

  1. Volume Groups (VG)
    1. Name of all volume groups
    2. Sizes of all volume groups
    3. Size of the physical extent of each volume group
    4. How many physicals extends are present in each volume group
    5. How many of free space is left in each volume group
    6. How many extents are free in each volume group

Cmd: $ vgdisplay or $vgs

  1. Logical volume – (LV)
    1. Name of all LVs and the VG that they belong to
    2. Size of all logical volumes
    3. Mount points for each logical volume, if mounted.

Cmd: $ lvdisplay or $ lvs or  $ df -h